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At Syntrasol, our vision is to offer a creative, professional and cost effective one stop shop helping you fulfill your business growth and varied needs.

With our expertise and experience in automating business processes and transactions, we will be able to add value to your business helping to reduce cost overheads and eliminate silos

  • IT & ICT Services
  • Business and management consultancy
  • Home and Office Automation services
  • International Trading services
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  • 01 Who are we?

    Syntrasol is an IT service provider for companies operating in Middle East since 2010.

    Our service is helping small and medium-sized businesses to automate their business processes and transactions. We understand the needs of the small and medium-sized business community and offer a broad and comprehensive range of localized solutions, from entry level products for start-up businesses, up to more sophisticated solutions for larger enterprises.

    Our team comprises of local and offshore consultants

    • Application development
    • IT Consulting Services
    • Data Center Services, Maintenance and Support
    • Home and building automation solutions
    • Security solutions
    • Trading
    • Business Consulting
    • E-commerce
  • We are a team of consultants with average experience of 8-10 years in implementing solutions on various industry verticals.

    We recognize that every business is different. Before we offer you a solution - be it a product or service -, we’ll make sure we understand your needs. In all cases, one of our executives will coordinate with you, analyze your requirements and suggest you the packages, to make sure you get the right solution for your business.

    All our products are backed up by comprehensive support. This means you have the added reassurance that help is just a phone call away.



IT & ICT Services

Be it ERP, BI reporting, or modern web application, our team of experts can deliver the solution tailor-made for you.

Our suite of offerings include end-to-end call center solutions as well.

Business consulting

Our team of experienced subject matter experts can help you deal with any decisions on your business growth and direction.

Automation and Security

We provide products and services to automate Home and Office Devices integrated with your favorite digital assistant, from consultation to implementation


We can responsibly handle your import/export requirements, and set up e-commerce applications suiting your specific requirements


IT & ICT Services

  • Web design
  • Web and mobile app development
  • Networking
  • Professional ICT services

Home and Office Automation

Our range of products would give you the convenience and comfort of an ideal living and working space. Bask in the comfort of your wherever you are and control devices out of your hand’s reach. Control your device through your smartphone, smart switches or voice control powered by Alexa or Ok Google

  • Surveillance cameras and Smart locks
  • Security sensors for all parts of your house
  • Remote device control through your android device
  • Air quality sensors
  • Integration with digital/voice assistants

Business Consulting

We offer professional IT consulting services to help businesses transform their needs into action. Our experienced team can help you achieve your goals and match your needs with solutions.

Our Consultants have an average experience of 8-10 years developing, implementing and support for various business solutions across various industry verticals.

  • Risk management
  • Process improvements


Our e-commerce solution suite helps you to reach your customer more efficiently. Rather than going for listed providers, we offer your customers a customized platform for purchasing your products. This helps you to capture the complete attention of your customer rather than providing him alternative options. Our personalized partner page would help you to convert more of look into buys



Hamsa Building
Dubai PO Box 42319
United Arab Emirates


+971 551024824